Monday, 27 August 2012

Mark's List...

Today we have Mark Cousins, film critic and filmmaker, who has graciously donated his list.  You can follow Mark on Twitter (@markcousinsfilm) and be sure to check out his columns in Sight & Sound!  You can also catch the list as well as Mark's comments by clicking here.  Enjoy!

NOTE: The list was created alphabetically which may or may not reflect the intended chronological order.

1. The Apartment (Billy Wilder, 1960)
2. Come and See (Elem Kilmov, 1985)
3. Distant Voices, Still Lives (Terence Davies, 1988)
4. Eureka (Nicolas Roeg, 1974)
5. The House is Black (Forough Farrokhzad, 1962)
6. The Insect Woman (Imamura Shohei, 1963)
7. Kaagaz Ke Phool (Guru Dutt, 1959)
8. La Maman et la Putain (Jean Eustache, 1973)
9. Minamata: The Victims and their World (Tsuchimoto Noriaki, 1972)
10. A Moment of Innocence (Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 1995)

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