Sunday, 29 April 2012

First Screening...

Last night, we held a small screening of Ferocious Bloodaxe: Part II - 2 Ferocious 2 Bloodaxe for cast and crew.  It was a success.  There is still some tinkering to do before we unleash it to the general public.  However, there was a great buzz for those who haven't seen it during the editing process.  Go us!

Watch this space for more updates.



Monday, 23 April 2012

How could you do that to a.....

Two alternate covers for Ferocious Bloodaxe's best and most controversial song

Sunday, 22 April 2012


We have finished filming the pick-up shots that needed done to help 2 Ferocious 2 Bloodaxe be the best it can be.  It has been a long process but editing is nearly complete.  The rough cut has generated positive feedback, some claiming that it is better than the first film.  We shall let you decide.

This week shall mark the end of editing.  Since the project began last year, we are exhausted but it is a good exhaustion.  We put a lot of work into this and hopefully it shall not disappoint.  We shall have a small, private screening, hopefully next week, then we shall unleash it upon you good people.  Please keep watching out for exclusive clips, we will be firing them online shortly.

In other news, we are still no closer to finding the culprit who stole the trailer.  Justice will be done, even if it means letting The Sarge do his thing.



Wednesday, 18 April 2012

In Support...

One of our greatest fans has just published their first novella!  As they have given us lots of appreciative support, we would like to give them thanks by helping them bring awareness.  The link for UK readers is right here.  Or, if you are in the USA click here. Our own Adam has designed the cover for the novella, so please at least have a look!

More to follow.



Sunday, 15 April 2012

Leaked Trailer...

As some of you may know, we are nearly finished the editing process.  Thanks to all those who have given support, we appreciate everything that people have done for us.  It is, however, a sad day when someone has managed to get hold of a teaser trailer and leak it on YouTube.  We are looking into who the culprit may be, so any information would be greatly appreciated.  To whomever managed to get a copy of the trailer, please stop posting it on the internet without our permission!

Enjoy anyway!



Thursday, 12 April 2012

Rough Cut & New Promo...

As time has passed, we are glad to announce that we have created a rough cut.  The running time is 29 mins, far longer than what we thought.  More tweaking is needed to fix audio, colour and of course those silent beats.  First responses from the few who have seen it have given it some positive feedback.  We are looking forward to unleashing it upon the general public

In other news, our good friends, and sponsor, That's So Punk! have graciously created another sneak peek into the next Bloodaxe film.  This is a taster of some of the stuff we've done and any and all feedback is always welcome.  Check them out on Twitter @thatssopunk.  Be sure to like the video on YouTube!



Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Editing Update...

We thought we'd update everyone about the most anticipated sequel of the year.  The editing process has been long.  After capturing 8 hours worth of footage, a 20 minute cut has been completed - minus the shocking ending.  Tomorrow will be another long day of completing this epic.  Look out for a trailer coming soon.

In other news, we have successfully established ourselves within the Twitter community.  If you have an account, please add us @thebloodaxe and we will follow back.  Not if you're a sex-bot, though.  Adam has had enough trouble in the past with sex spam.