Sunday, 22 April 2012


We have finished filming the pick-up shots that needed done to help 2 Ferocious 2 Bloodaxe be the best it can be.  It has been a long process but editing is nearly complete.  The rough cut has generated positive feedback, some claiming that it is better than the first film.  We shall let you decide.

This week shall mark the end of editing.  Since the project began last year, we are exhausted but it is a good exhaustion.  We put a lot of work into this and hopefully it shall not disappoint.  We shall have a small, private screening, hopefully next week, then we shall unleash it upon you good people.  Please keep watching out for exclusive clips, we will be firing them online shortly.

In other news, we are still no closer to finding the culprit who stole the trailer.  Justice will be done, even if it means letting The Sarge do his thing.



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