Tuesday, 21 June 2011

L Bargie Character Banner

In the wild, L Bargie would be an alpha male.  But this isn't the wild, and in Ferocious Bloodaxe, he can only be described as "the weird one".  Not my words

New Issue of Huge Problem Magazine stars ferocious bloodaxe

Huge Problem Issue 873.  Ferocious Bloodaxe World Exclusive.  Go behind the scenes for the making of their new film AND album.  Interviews with band and on-set photos!  only £2

Capote character banner

Truman Capote is a strange, mysterious man.  The reason for his interest in Ferocious Bloodaxe is particularly bewildering.

Dom Character Banner

Dom is Ferocious Bloodaxe's manager.  After a drunken argument with the band he left to pursue his favourite past time- heavy drinking. His whereabouts are currently unknown to the band

Teaser Poster

Saturday, 18 June 2011


new trailers for the film Ferocious Bloodaxe Part II: 2Ferocious 2Bloodaxe.  Enjoy

Friday, 17 June 2011


New Album Mortadella Artwork

Soul Transfusion
Psychosomatic for the People
Snitch in Time (snare)
Bitchin Time (snare pt 2)
The Height of Enthusiasm
Drummetry in Motion
Shave Before I Die
Fast Breed Reactor (FBR)
"Honey, I just Forgot to Duck"
Living in an Exploitnation
Librarys and Glory Holes
Cease and Desist


New Poster

the official one-sheet for the film 2Ferocious 2Bloodaxe