Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Trailer, Screenings and Congratulations...

It has been a while, however, fear not as we have been insanely busy.  Last weekend, we screened Ferocious Bloodaxe: Part II - 2 Ferocious 2 Bloodaxe for more people.  We were delighted with the response as it was very encouraging.  We have been back in the editing room to help tweak some stuff and it is almost time to present it to the public.  Good times are indeed ahead.

In other news, our dear friend (and author) has had a great week with her novella "Glitter and Trauma", selling over 500 copies.  Please find it on amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.

To keep you guys happy, we have a new, official, trailer!  This is from the band itself and will give a clear idea what is in-store for you loyal fans.  Watch it here:

We hope you enjoy!



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