Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bloodaxe Audience Choice Awards...

First off, thank you to all who have watched the first film.  Much appreciated.  We've reached over 100 views in such a short space of time and some have left some comments.  Keep 'em coming, people.

Since we've reached over 100 views, we've decided to give the Bloodaxe Audience Choice Awards for Best Actor a bash and let you guys vote who you think was the best actor in the film.  To vote, simply comment on the page or tweet us your choice.  The nominations are:

Stephen Hendry - Scuba
Adam Turner - Adam
Lee Barrett - L Bargie
Kyle Barrett - K Bargie
Emma McDonald - Emmaz
Dominic Kidd - Dom
Paul Costello - Capote

If you need to re-watch the film to make your choice, by all means.  Please make your nominations soon.




  1. I don't think so! Should've said actors from the film can't vote for themselves. But yeah, K Bargie for the win.