Thursday, 22 March 2012

Upcoming Shooting...

It is, yet again, that time to get excited about shooting.  Week after week we've been putting together this next chapter in Bloodaxe, with some interesting (in a good way) results.  What is pre-planned can change and become better.  What isn't planned is even better.  We have developed the Bloodaxe Choice Awards, where as a group we nominate the best actor in the Bloodaxe troupe.  Granted, as we started filming last year, we may have overlooked certain performances, Capote for instance.  But L Bargie really blew us away last week.  Prior to that, we had Kenny as The Sarge who brought a Marlon Brando (as Col. Kurtz) enthusiasm to the role.  So, what we are getting at, maybe we should let you, the audience, decide.  The nominations will open as soon as the film is released.

As for Saturday's shoot.  We really will be rounding off Kenny's shooting.  After that, it is merely the highly disturbing climax left to complete.  You will not be disappointed.



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  1. I've got a feeling i'm gonna put in a powerhouse performance this weekend