Monday, 19 March 2012

After the Fact...Twat in a Bath...

Filming was a mixed bag on Saturday.  There were a few issues and certain scenes were not accomplished.  We did, however, see L Bargie on top form.  He has been nominated (within the group) for the Bloodaxe Choice Award, something we've started recently.  He has delved into his part and he really was L Bargie.  He was so scene stealing that he should have his own spin-off.  More on that later.

In other news, our Twitter followers will have noticed a few changes to the page and maybe the phrase 'Twat in a bath' tweeted a couple of times.  We would like to stress the importance of this film and we have made sure that every shot in every scene can be the best it can, that means being a twat in a bath.  Adam has already written it as a song for a new album.

More pictures, clips etc to come.



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